Thursday, May 7, 2009

X-MeN oRiGiNs: WoLveRiNe aNd StaR TreK (2009)

another fun day with my brother...
today we went out like couples(hehehe)
and we do this movie marathon thingy things..
we bought tickets for
X-Men Origins:Wolverine (12.15pm)
(at last i am able to watch this movie)
and also
Star Trek (3.20pm)...
of course
i would love to comments bout this "GREAT" movies..

1. X-Men Origins:Wolverine

x-men is often dark and dramatic but
there is also levity, romance and
some kind of weird brotherhood i'd say..
hugh jackman plays his role
perfectly, he do his own stunt
(most of its i think) and
he did a great job on visualize the animal character..
after all, he is soo hot..
and its not like everyday
you saw a naked man running in front of you..
rite mate???
one more thing,
everytime his claws comes in or out
it really makes me felt "nyilu"

CheQ PP JoY said: 5 stars

2. Star Trek (The Future Begins)

im not really into this movie before..
i love science fiction but
this is the 1st time i ever watch star trek..
everything in this movie
does look damn real..
the space ship, the planet, technologies(as always)
and the sound systems are also superb..
although i was quite slow in understanding the movie plot
and all that chit-chat (what the hell were they talking about??)
its just somehow my heart get melted again..
tQ Chris Pine..
u r so cute!!!

CheQ PP JoY said: 4 stars

and there are more great movies
coming out this month..
i just cant wait...


  1. owh....
    g tgok movie x ajak ekk....

  2. ciek nina nk ikot ke??

  3. hoh,x ajop doh..terumbang ambing da ni..ta tgk lg..sok na g tgk..ktn ade tgv x?haha


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