Wednesday, April 29, 2009

BohSia : JanGaN PiLih JaLaN HitaM

today i went out with my training friends..('_')
we promise to met at mall at 1pm,
but because me, ayun n alia came late
the boys have decided to watch "BOHSIA"
and when we arrived
they have already bought tickets for us too...
(actually me n ayun wanted to watch "WOLVERINE")
so we dont have any choice...
lets enter the hall..

i dunt want to comment this movie in details
but overall
the movie is just fine..
i dont like the start,
i hate the ending..
but i do enjoy watching Acai(Shaheizy) roles..
hes' act give me the reason to stay in the hall..
he's caring out the role more decent
then Syamsul (i cant remember his role in this movie)
maybe bcause of his neat appearance as if he is an elite mat rempit..
almost forgot,
aaron aziz did lighten up this gloomy movie..
i do like to watch his acting..
enough of this movie..

CheQ PP JoY said: 2 stars

after that we had our lunch
and we held a small discussion
of what we are going to do in the next month..
and there are more "sok sek sok sek"
taking part of what had happen in the factory
where we carried out our industrial training..
siapa la jd mngsa agak2nye??

before we departed,
we have our window shopping
except 4 me who suddnly have this small plastic bag of clothes in hand
(cant helped it!!!)
they also grab some ice cream
and poor me..
my sore throat are not recover yet,
so the only thing i can do is
took their picture..

bye2 guys,
till we meet again...


DoNT 4Get To DrOp Me A cOmMent b4 u LeaVe..
tQ.. =)