Saturday, May 9, 2009

FaMiLy GoTonG- RoYoNg

who said washing carpets can be fun??
i did!!
today, my father had asked me and
both of my younger and older brother
to help him washing my mother carpets..
actually my Y. bro and i was stucked there..

at the beginning there were
only dady and O. bro..
then i came out to annoyed my O. bro
bcos its not often
we can see him do the house chores...
i thought i could be his "mandor"
but then my dady asked me to get him extra brush..
when i came out with the brush
i saw my dady was "leparking" on the motorcycle
and he said,
"adik tolong abg berus tepi karpet 2"..
i was ???????
so where am i now??
with my O. bro washing that carpet!!!!

after finishing that one big carpet
i help my O. bro and dady hang the carpet
on dady home made hanger..
then mama came out
with jempot pisang for our tea br8..
so we take a rest
and ate happily...(nyum2)
that was when my Y. bro
came home and
my father made him
wash the other carpet..

suddenly everybody
in the house was there...
doing the work together...
we have a very great time..
the works become easier
and we managed to finished it at dusk..
and i also help to wash another carpet..
but a small one..

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  1. woo.event yg menarek.sgt seronak eh kamu.smoge bjye bukak syrkt cuci kapet pasni..chayok pp trut tut tut..


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