Monday, April 27, 2009

GeGaR u 2

its already almost a year bt for me,
it is one of the best xprience i ever had in my whole life..
(20 years n 10 months so far)(",)

back in 2008,
i and 4 other UMP students
were proudly representing UMP itself
in one of ASTRO program called
GEGAR U (season 2)..

this program is determine to help the poor
by improving their life
with the help of the contestants,
which is us..
to help them,
we must accomplish the goal in each task..
the task is to provide them with the things they needs the most..
what we dooo....

1. visiting the family..

we were given two task,
an each task is for 1 family..
so we have 2 family to help..
Pak Cik Jamil Familys' and Pak CIk Yusof Family's..

P.C Jamil is a house builder n he requested 4 new tooling
like mixer, drill and etc..
so that he can finish his job quicker
and increase his monthly wage..

P.C Yusof do village job to support his family..
he caught fish, breed goats and rubber tapping..
all he ask is to repair the house his living in
and provide them with electric supply..
this can help his family to live more comfortable
and also enable his children to study at night..

2. Carry out the Assignment..

in order to help P.C Jamil
we have to do two assigmnt..
the 1st one is harvesting oil palm fruits
and breeds 25 cows..
we manage the oil palm assignmnt
bt we lose in cow fight..

to redeem the lost,
we were ask to wear casual attire
and sweep the pasar malam...
this time we succeeded!!

for pak cik yusof,
we were ask to built a raft..
peddle the raft for 4.5 km,
and the next 4 km we used rubber raft..
its cool!!!!
along the journey,
we must picked 10 task card which were
hide at the river bank..
pnatnye kayuh...
xdek pic plak..
da terdelete beberape bln lpas..
nnt dpt blik pic 2 i kompem upload kt sni..

3. Prizes....

when both of the task is completed,
automatically we were able to give the prize
to those families..
for P.C Jamil,
he got all the tools..
mixer machine, hand drill, and many more..
and for P.C Yusof,
with the help from P.C Yusof and another repairman,
we manage to repair his house within a day..
ASTRO also proudly gave them Solar Panel and new casting net..

we were happy to help them,
and we hope they are happy with the aid..
may Allah bless all of us..

the host for this program for this season
is Iqram Dinzly...
at 1st im not fond of him
bt somehow,
being with him for a week does change sometin..
he is a nice n talented actor..
so i grab the chance and took pictures with him..
tQ iqram..
hope u'll be a very successful actor..
AMIN 4 u...

*IqRaM DiNzLy n CheQ PP JoY*


  1. hoho...
    nk gambo nagn iqram ugak...

  2. silala edit muka sy spy jd muka awk..

  3. sis..i ada bg u msg kat yahoo u check out la..hee;)


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