Saturday, April 25, 2009

DaNdruFF aTtack...

masalah kelemumur??
same with me...
it makes my head felt itchy all the time...
i had this dandruff problem since i was 15 i think..
but at that time it didnt bothering me at all..
i was in boarding school and
i spend most of my time at class...
i dont really care how my hair look..
cos i wear veil all the time..
but of course i do care of how it smell...
so, at that time i choose shampoo base on its smell..
not the benefits...

after finishing school..
i change shampoo lots of time..
until i found the one that i think ideal for me..
this is wat i start with...

1. Rejoice

yup, the dandruff gone..
but only at the beginning..
than somehow my dandruff gets immune with it..
so, the dandruff problem still not solve...
and my hair gets very dry and worstly,
i get hair fall problem..

2. L'oreal
i kind of like this one..
its really moisturize my hair,
but it cause my dandruff problem getting worst..
so lets change again...

3. Pantene (Hair Fall)
wut can i say..
my hair have this very good smell,
it gets very smoth,
but its still falling...

4. Schworzkopf
my beloved sister recommended me this shampoo..
she doesnt say much but i give a try..
i choose to use the
hair repair for total repair..
i was pretty amazed for what this shampoo can do..
my hair gets easier to comb and
i think it give more resistant to breakage..
its lovely...
but my mission isnt accomplish yet...

Schworzkopf + Selsun Blue (Mentholatium)

now that i color my hair + i really2 like Schworzkopf shampoo,
i change into Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Colour Protect Coloured Hair..
and this time my friend force me to buy
Selsun Blue specially for dandruff treatment..
Incredibly, my dandruff is gone(4-eve i hope),
i finally can said BuhBye Dandruff..

but i cant be more happy than that,
because my hair is still falling..
i guess it cant be treated..
i have a very long hair...
im going to cut it..
and then i hope i can say,
BuhBye Hair Fall..
can i??

P/S: if by any chances u wanna buy this shampoo,
plz head straightly to Guardian..
i find it easier to buy things there..

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