Thursday, April 23, 2009

ShAh PeKaN 4-LiFe

last nite,
i fell asleep around 12am..
i was so tired of doin not-a-thing..
then i woke up at 4am
and suddenly i'am all over ym..
which i haven't on9 for quite a time..

i did have a nice chit chat with 2 of my x-classmate
during the high school...
they are Mr Faris Syafiq and Miss Laina..
it really reminds me of my old shool..
Sekolah Sains Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah
and most of all,
my beloved friends
the SPM 2005 Batch...
I miss u guys very2 much...
when am i going to see u all again??
sob sob (tears pouring heavily)

* when we were soo much younger...*

that is when i came up with an idea...
i scan some of pictures
of what we had back in 2005..
the memoirs..
so that i can remember them more than ever..

  1. the bands of colleagues 2001-2005

2. AmiNuDDianS

3. MSSP Pahang (Muadzam)

*diz picx is specially dedicated to MiSS KamSina*

4. During SPM 2005..

5. tHis is tHe ScHooL that We leFt...

*this is where i studied for my ke??hahaha*

*the PlaCe that bring 1001 memories to me...*




its really refreshing, RiGht??


  1. sengal gile gambo last tu kak oii...
    aku pong ex5budi 05..nape gambo aku xdek?xpueh ati2...ish..buukk..tumbuk..haha...
    jom balik sekolah men r0unders...

    *ko akn nyesal kalo bukk blog aku sbb da berzaman xupdate...wakakakaka..

  2. cik nik,
    pic anda ada di tmpt rounders..
    silala cari..

  3. hahahaha...mak pernah bercinta kat sini. terbaik :)

    all my school pic dah hilang fifi...virus aghhh.

  4. hlg ke??
    jgn sdih2 tau..
    rsenye ni pic ak maik dr ko kn?

  5. nice sketch...but its a copyright i think, from ur long lost fren..haha...i still remember,u got to pay me rm1k only for tht...hello... world changed.its all about money.haha.just kidding.keep on bloggin',adam

  6. u r rite mr adam ahmad..
    this is ur sketch,
    in my book..
    so i think its really belongs to me..
    tQ 4 ur wonderful work..
    keep on sketching dude..
    its my feberet sketch..
    dnt u dare take tat away from me..
    lastly, thnx 4 lalu-lalang at mt blog..=)

  7. hye sis. sy pon dr sekolah yg sme. spm2010. dan ...quote yg ada dlm kelas 5 budi tu.. "patience is......." smpai skrg ada lg. hahaha! ktorg malas nk cabut sbb still elok lg. lol.

  8. seronok jugak akk imbas kembali zaman sek kt shah dulu. akk first batch :D mmg beza lah... dulu cam padang jarak padag tekukur.. maklumlah...kurang pokok n sekolah masih baru :D

  9. memang best...shah tetap di hati


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