Sunday, May 16, 2010

We LoVe YoU TeaCheRs

"The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.”

selamat hari guru kpd semua guru2 kt malaysia..
fy nk ucapk bebyk time kasih
kt sume guru2 y pnh mngajar fy dr fy tadika
sampaila da msuk u ni..
tanpa ckgu, sapela sy...
n fy jgk nk dedicate poem ni utk semua
terutamanye pd teacher kesygan fy..
Miss Ann..
i Heart U So Much!!!

A Special Teacher

Teachers come and go
but every so often one comes along
that you'll always remember
one who makes learning an adventure...
and who can still remember
what it's like to be young
and growing up...
the kind who can make you
want to be the very best you can be...
Someone you can really talk to,
who really cares
what happens to you...

That person is YOU!



  1. whoot!whoot!miss anne masuk blok kak pp!:D

  2. selamat hari hari..hahahawewiittt!!

  3. sizukaDeboss: wahaha...mest ckgu2 laen jeles kn ngn miss an?=p

  4. d i D a_LittLeBaby: mcm pasaraya hari2 plak..hehe

  5. selamat hari guru tok semua guru2 kat malaysia termasok guru2ku kat melaka, sarawak, johor, kolumpo, n9 n pahang...

  6. chuck: pnjg plak ko dedication kt blog ak kn?hehe


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