Tuesday, May 19, 2009

PiCNiC at BaLoK

picnic di ptg hari??
boley tahan la pelik...
to make things even weirder,
we do bbq too..
sharp at 3 pm..
piah pnye ideala ni..

i went to Pantai Balok with ayun, alia and q..
while the other boys,
piah and meme came with amin..
yes, another fun and happy day
with my x-trainee friends...

the picnic doesnt goes very well at first..
its hard to find a strategic spot
(there were so many people)
the charcoal was a bit wet
(my fault!!!)
it took us almost an hour
and almost all of my patience
but finally the fire came out...
2 pon sbb amin and meme
pegi beli minyak tanah
smpai kt bukit sekilau kot!!!

so here we are..
eating and chating
with hati y berbunga-bunga~~~

1. percubaan utk menghidupkn api
2. we did it...!!!
3. everyone start to eat...
4. i didnt stop eating..nyum2..
5. last2 alia y kne jage api and jage kucing..hehe
6. amin plak makan dgn rakusnye!!!
7. we have a very great time togather!!
8. and we didnt forget to celebrate amins' burfday!!!

~haPPy BiRtHdaY AmiN~
may Allah bless you always!!!!


  1. haaaaa....kua x ajk ak!
    hepi bday utk amin jgak...
    tp pipit...muke ko mmg cm taksub je..hehe

    trutt...trutt.......truuuuuuuut*kete berapi sdg mlntasi kwsn ni*

  2. bykla ko pnye taksub..
    ak malu sbb disruh bgambar begini rupe...

    ak sepak ketapi ko...

  3. Best nyerrrr.... ;-D

    What a cute blog you have!!!! Comel lotehhh!! ^_^


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