Wednesday, May 20, 2009

PuSH 2009

i am glad i didnt watch this movie at cinema..
to me,
PUSH is like inspired by
JUMPER movie and HEROES the series..
the similarity is huge!!!

i read some of audience comments bout this movie..
i am totally right..
most of them agreed this story
is a copy of heroes and jumper..
but of course its really HEROES..
one of the audience also drop this in the comment..
i find it very details..nice job..

character comparison: HEROES - PUSH
movers: Sylar,Peter, Nick
watchers:Isaac,Usutu Cassie,lolipop girl
pushers:Kira,Carver Matt(sorta)
bleeders:Echo,Jesse Chinese boys
sniffers: Bridget Bailey Mac,Holden,Emily
stitchers:Linderman Teresa
wipers: Haitian Chinese guy on boat
shadows: ? Pinky

fun facts indeed...
and i couldnt be more less agreed..
so why wasting ur time watching this at cinema..
just download it
and u wont feel regret at all..
i watch it a week before
its premier launching in msia..
and that was fun!!!

CheQ PP JoY said: 3 stars


  1. ko slalu g tgk wyg awl dari ak...
    poyo btl..
    mnyampah da ak ni...


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