Saturday, May 8, 2010

MaKe uP ExPiReD aLeRt

1. Mascara
mascara tubes should be tossed after three to four months..
if the smell changes,
the mascara has gone bad...
not knowing what mascara smell in the first place,
i couldn't personally make an educated quess
about the status of my own mascara..

to maximize how long u can use certain mascara,
a) keep it out of heat or light
b) wiping the mascara off with tissue after each usage
to reduce contaminates in the tube
c) do not share your mascara..

2. Creamy Product
example: cream eyeshadow, cream blush or lipstick
can melt and freeze in severe temperatures,
changing the consistency and
causing the oils to rise to the surface..
to know if it is still good,
see if it applies the same..
if it does,
it is okay to use but the older it is,
the more likely it has bacteria from your finger or the applicator..
this is especially the case with lips products
that u apply with your finger
or do lot of double tipping between applications.

3. Lipstick or Lipgloss
generally has two to three years life,
depending upon its creaminess and active ingredients..
if it has plumping ingredients,
the plumping ingredients might not last this long,
but the underlying colour is likely still okay..

4. Foundation
it lasts two years..
u need to throw it out if it gets separated,
since this means it has lost its ability to adhere
to your skin,
u just have the oil layer and the pigment layer,
even if u shake them together
it will likely not last long upon application
and will streak to your face
and wont cover blemishes.

5. Nail Polish
will lasts for about a year..
if it separated,
try shaking it,
but if it doesn't readily remix to its original colour
or there is a layer of oil leftover after shaking,
then the polish will likely not have much staying power
and chip quickly..
to extend the life of polishes:
a) keep them out of light when not in use
b) do not expose them to heat
c)keep in the fridge

and here some other alert:
a) anti-aging cream (not 4 me of course) : 3 months-1 year
b) shampoo/conditioner : 3 years
c) lotion: 2-3 years
d) eyeliner : 3-4 motnhs
e) perfume : 2 years

so what are u waiting for??
go gets your cosmetic
and try to remember how long have u been using it..
make sure they are not expired yet!!


  1. ow...
    dhtu klau expired xley gne da ek..
    bzir jek maskara2 n eye liner aku...
    nsb baek lipstick ak elok lg..

  2. bdak gila..
    g gym pakai make up jgk ke??

  3. hahaha...
    krek2 anda...
    g gym mstila cantek2...
    bru ade awek ngorat...
    aku da jmpe lip treatment utk bg bbr pink...
    ko tgk kat sasa...

  4. mcm nk promote kt ak jek??
    ko da beli ke lom bnde 2??
    nnt tanye akak2 kt sasa 2,
    bila xpired date dia..
    sbb ak tau ko bkn rjin pon nk pakai..

  5. kalo guna gak ade effect ape??

  6. reen_sofee : mcm besela kot..effect2 bila gune bahan2 kimia ni..hehe..

  7. thanks for the very useful tips..
    nanti akan bagitau adik yang suka pakai sume ni..
    si kakak nya tak suka sangat.

  8. fikah mus: hehe..sila2..utk pengetahuan bsama...

  9. BUJANG SUSAH: just bila ada occasion..kalu xmmg xmekap2..


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