Friday, June 8, 2012

Its a Great Day Today...

2 great things today ;

1) Im going to sit for my last examination paper..the very last one after 3 years struggling for diploma and 3 years as a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering ( Power System ) student..hikhik.. wish me luck :)

2) Its our 5 Years and 10 months anniversary.. ilebiu alwayz en chenta hati 
bila nak masuk minang? ngeh3..

xperlu tayang en boypren sgt..heeee...

all in all, lets wish today will turn out just great!! shall we? (^)_(^)


  1. Goodluck for final and congrats sebab bakal tamat pelajaran sebagai pelajar UMP ^^,

    p/s ; Nak kawin nanti jangan lupa jemput kite tau, hikhik

  2. 5 year dah ? wahhh lama tue.. hehe..

    kawen jgn lupa jemput. hehe.. :)

  3. wah,congrats sis nak abes da:)

    pewit,xlama da tu nak naek pelamin ye^-^


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