Friday, December 2, 2011

about life, now n then...

Currently, mmg mood utk blogging xda...idea pon mmg xbrape nk ada..and if ada pon, da x excited nk share mcm dulu..of cos, byk bnde y berlaku dlm hidup fy sekarang ni..some were very bad, sometimes i even  wish it doesnt is hard to move on when u experiencing things like this..but you just have to..moreover, u know someone needed u to be strong for her..u want to cry, but u cant..

Tp xsemua bnde pon teruk, i got a sister in law now, and the fact that my father was no longer around to send and fetch me from hostel, i am now driving on my own..who would have thought of that? Even me myself thought it was impossible..its funny when at one time of your life u let people do stuff for you, and yet you can do it own your own...all u have to do is be strong, just embrace it..

Of cos, life is beautiful...there tons of thing to be learn..and some were taught from experience..byk bnde y Allah da rancangkan utk kite...dr awal kita lahir hinggala saat kite kembali pdNya...dugaan tu dlm pelbagai bentuk...hanya hambaNya y benar2 tabah n kuat dpt menempuhinya..fy harap fy akan terus kuat menjalani hari2 y mendtg...abah, terima kasih untuk segala pengorbanan, kasih sayang dan perhatian y x putus2 abah berikan...walaupon abah da xda lg di sisi kami, kitaorg sentiasa ingt abah...hanya bacaan doa dan ayat2 suci y mnjadi penghubung antara kita..pp syg n rindu abah

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  1. bersabarla dear..huhu

  2. dugaan memang banyak, kaalu kita kuat insyaallah kita dapat atasinya :)

  3. Stay strong deaR ! Ada hikmah disebalik semua yang berlaku :)

  4. Hidup memang penuh suka dan duka.. Please be strong Fifi...

  5. awak.. tamo sedih2 ye.. keep blogging..


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