Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm 21 YeaRs oLd....

sdih btol xdpt on9 mse birthday aritu..
da lps 3 hri bru la ak dpt wat post..
sgt2 sdih kn??

the past 9tth july 2009 was my 21 years old birthday..
i was a bit sad bcos i couldnt
celebrate it with my family n bf..
i was at UMP on that day..
the least i can do is
celebrated it with my dearest friend..
thank guys 4 calling me that nite
n wishing me..
really2 appreciated it..

the best part of the day
is when my bff came to UMP with some of his friends..
the idea of the visit is not only celebrating my birthday
but also to met his pet sister..
so there is kfc n secret recipe..
for me!!
thnx paeh!!!

who is paeh??
he is one of my bestiest..
we were friends since standard 5
n that was in year 1999,
10 years of friendship...
wasnt that sweet??
and this is us after 10 happy years..

during the weekend,
i met my sister n hubby in shah alam..
they gave me a birthday present
which i've been wanting so much..
i even asked my bf to buy it for me..
n i really2 like it..
there are some other stuff i got from people around me,
like my mother,
she gave me LV sling bag..
hooray for me!!!

i'm still waiting my bf gift..
cant wait to meet him!!

*edited by: AmsYar ShJ..


  1. wahhh!

    dpt purse roxy!

    hapy belated bday sis!

  2. hepi besday to you...
    hepi besday to you...
    hepi besday to kak fifi...
    hepi besday to you...
    *da tue da..=p

  3. hp bday cheq pp joy~

  4. epy besday kamu.


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