Monday, June 29, 2009

TraNsFoRmeR: ReVeNgE oF ThE FaLLeN

i didnt even know what to say...
as expected,
the effect was spectacular..
all fight scenes were extravagant and fast-paced...
the story though, couldn't keep pace...
they kept stopping for a romance that
was never developed (and no one really cared)...

the strangest part in this movie to me is
the existent of the alien robot, Alice...
a robot went to college..??
it seems like Alice had went there for quite a time
and waited for sam there..
isnt that weird??
how can she predict that??
that is ridiculous!!!

lots of u guys hv seen this movie..
n i think u know exactly what i felt..
i hope..
after watching ths movie
i was a bit down..
it is..
my brother did say this,
"crite ni apsal serabut sgt??"
n i said,
"a'ah, pening pala menegoknye!!"

Overall, it is fun, but the faults become
tiresome and therefore make the film tiresome,
2 and half hour..???
Worth Seeing yes,
but definitely not the blockbuster monstrosity
we were all looking forward to.

please say i am very right bout this!!!

CheQ PP JoY said: 4 1/2 stars


  1. aii caunk huhuhu
    lala pon baru jer tgok citer neyh bg lala besh sbp lala suka tgok aksi jerk ahaa xsuka depa merapu tah pape ahahaha
    ter-baek la citer neyh suka suka <3

  2. jgn xtau..
    kawan sy siap tertido lg mse tgk cite ni..
    agk borink la jln cite dia..

  3. yeke?? tula ad member ckp cite die meleret skit...bsk br nak g tgk...


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