Monday, June 8, 2009

mY SiS wEdDiNg PrEpaRaTioN

since the wedding is just around the corner,
there are many last minutes preparation
taking part in this house..

with the help of the neighbors,
friends and relatives
all the work managed to finish
quicker than we though..

these are several pictures
before the big events...

1. father memotong rerumput...

2. mother mencabut rumput rampai??

3. Mak Cik Ros the mirror expertise

4. Pak Cik - Pak Cik XXX the khemah man

5. sepupu2 ku memasang cangkuk langsir

6. ME - pemasang langsir y flexible

7. B.Bro, father n uncle sdg btukg spy tetamu xsesat

8. Mak Su, Bride n Bridesmaid menconteng jari-jemari

9. Boutiqueman and woman memasang pelamin..

remember friends,
whats gonna work??
what gonna work??
yeah wonderpets!!
happy counting days~~

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