Sunday, May 31, 2009

NiGhT aT ThE MuSeUm 2 & TeRMiNaToR SaLVaTioN

ReaDy To WatCh MoVieS

yesterday i went out again with my brothers
to watch movies..
we watch 2 movies this time..
they were:
Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian
Terminator Salvation

as always,

1. Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian

the first Night At The Museum is one of my favorite
and i had high hopes for this one...
but when i leave the hall
i know something was missing...
the story are funny and hilarious..
i think everybody loves
larry,jedediah & teddy,abraham lincoln n others
but my favorite are Albert Einstein..
he got that bobbing-heads and it was soo cute!!
many sss for him bcos many of him there...

what i think missing is,
the story is about rescue mission
and all the fights are for the tablet,
but then its about saving jedediah..
when the Egyptian bird warriors arise
i hate the fact that Lincoln beats the crap out of them just like that..
and says "my work is done"
i was,
lorrr...just like that??
i do wish more..

so all in all,
Battle Of The Smithsonian was a good sequal..
good comedy and u can really enjoy it..
and remember,
"a key to happiness is ???"

CheQ PP JoY said: 4 stars

2. Terminator Salvation

i am a bit lost here..
whos the hero??
or should i say heroes??
although we enter the hall 15 minutes late
i think i understand the whole story..
they did a perfect job of translating the vision of future
wich i hope i will never be in with..
there indeed few
"what the hell were they thinking??"
momens in the chase scenes...
most of the time watching were wested...
they walked,they drove,they getting here,they getting there..
blah blah...

in the end i cant give and get anything from terminator..
the scenes with digitized does make
Bale look cool all the time,
but that just all it did,
it just COOL..
i hate robot already..
hoping something times better with

CheQ PP JoY said: 3 stars


  1. kali x heran sgt ko g tgk wyg...
    sbb ak dh tgk lg awl..
    tau ko bz..
    klau x,ko la org ptame dok kat dpn kaunter tiket tu a day b4 cte tu kua ..
    good job bro!

  2. haha..
    siot aje..
    tp sbnarnye ak y slalu tlg diaorg bukak kaunter..
    tp sbb ak agk bz diz week
    kesempatan 2 agk lmbt..
    tp ak tgk dua trus..
    ak ttp lg hebat!!

  3. ko mmg...
    ank wyg astro...haha
    kuat btl tgk wyg...
    ko ngn skrin wyg pn ak dh x dpt nak bezakan..

  4. ceh..
    dlm byk2 bnde kt dlm hall,
    knape ko nk samekn ak ngn skrin??
    tlgla same kn ak ngn heroin cite 2 ke
    ape2 la..


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